Cheek Fillers

Dermal filler can be used to add structure to the cheekbone areas, creating a lift in this region of the face. This treatment combats a range of issues, and is usually the starting point for treating the face as a whole, for a more holistic approach. It gives lift in the mid-face, creates more defined cheekbones, and balances the facial proportions.


As we become older, we lose the volume in the cheekbones which can cause the face to lose its definition and profile. Dermal filler can be used here to add structure, creating the appearance of a lift of the face and counteracting the effects of gravity whilst adding hydration.

dermal filler hyaluronic acid cheeks

How is the treatment applied?

Dermal filler is placed in the cheekbone regions, followed by a gentle massage of the product to ensure the optimal result. A denser filler is used in this area to give the structure required and results can, therefore, last longer than some of the other areas treated (up to 18 months or more).

Further Information:

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