Chin Fillers

Dermal filler can be used to change the chin profile - either making the chin longer or more protruded, depending on what it is you would like to achieve. This treatment can eliminate a double chin, and is often combined with jaw filler treatment for the best results.


The chin is very important when looking at the side profile of someone - if a chin is very short, it can make the upper face out of proportion, and if not protruded enough, can make the nasal area more pronounced. Filler can be used in the chin to make it longer or more protruded, to create a more balanced profile - or even to remove a double chin.

This  can be used in conjunction with jaw line filler, and is an important part of the profile balancing package.

How is the treatment applied?

Following topical local anaesthetic, the filler is applied into the chin, to create either a longer, or more pronounced chin. The area is then massaged to evenly distribute the product.

Further Information:

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