Frown Lines

Vertical lines that form between the brows upon frowning.


Frown lines typically form between the eyebrows upon frowning, this is caused by the pull of the muscles in the area. One line, two lines ("11s") or more can form and for some people, the lines can become quite deep. The use of anti-wrinkle Botox® injections can relax the muscles that pull down to make the frown, resulting in a more relaxed appearance and less noticeable lines.

If you have more persistent frown lines that are present even when you are not frowning, it may take a few treatments to fully remove them. It is advisable to avoid dermal filler treatments in this area, frequent Botox® treatments are normally the better choice in this situation. In time the static lines will gradually soften and, in many cases, they will completely go away.

frown lines and wrinkes botox

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